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February 29, 2024

Vintage Dresses And Bands

A Catskill Wedding at The Outlier Inn

Guests milled about the picturesque property, a slow and intentional start to the wedding day. Laura and her friends gathered for pampering and Alden took a dip in the pond. The couple oozed laid back energy throughout the entire planning process so it’s no surprise they remained chill on the wedding day.They chose Outlier Inn because it was the farthest thing from a wedding banquet hall. With a number of tiny homes and cabins on site they could spend the whole weekend with their close friends and family. They wove in lots of personal details. In preparation the couple grew and cut flowers to arrange for the dining tables, had a friend make the wedding cake, and had Alden’s band perform for the reception. Laura wore her grandmother’s dress and her mother’s veil.

The Jewish ceremony was at the wooded amphitheater adorned with meadow-like flowers by Heart & Soil. They thoughtfully selected friends and family for the seven blessings which include a few beautiful songs. Candlelit dinner was under a canopy of trees and stars with a family style feast by Joint Venture. They danced into the dark in front of the geo-dome with live music.